Bismarck JH/HS First Annual Adulting Day 2019


Bismarck JH/HS First Annual Adulting Day 2019

May 23, 2019

On Wednesday, May 22nd, Bismarck Junior and Senior High School had its first annual Adulting Day.  The concept behind adulting day was to teach students practical skills that they could utilize in their daily lives now or as an adult.  Every teacher participated in teaching a trade, skill, or practical lesson to groups of students from sixth to eleventh grade.  Mr. Logan Blunt and Mrs. Katie Martinez helped to organize this event for the students.  Below are the list of teachers who participated and the classes they taught.  You will find some pictures of adulting day below the list of classes.


Prepare for an interview: Mr. Crites and Mr. Varhalla

How to take a professional picture: Mr. Pruett and Ms. Helms

Dorm Room Cooking: Mrs. Bell

Save money: Mrs. Hartley

Mow grass: Mr. Blunt

How to navigate a college website: Mrs. Crites

Vehicle Maintnance: Mr. Hayes

How to interact with officers: Mr. Warren

How to do Laundry: Ms. Tiefenauer

Physical Fitness after high school: Mr. Hardy

Financial do’s and don’ts: Mr. Mayberry

Dog Training: Mr. Grundmann

Physical Activity for adults. Mrs. Campbell and Mrs. Mathes